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How to generate a continuous path?
Product: Turbo Pmac2 clipper

1. For example, there are ten points on the path, like p1,p2......p10, and I want to use kinematic algorithm from point p5 to p6 and other points without kinematic algorithm. How to generate a continuous path from point p1 to p10 without stopping in the process?

2. In a program, there is possible that some points execute kinematic algorithm while the others don't?
I would suggest that you have a switch (if..else..) statement in your forward and inverse kinematics routines and pass a variable to it to switch between the two modes. This variable then can be sent before 5th point to switch the kinematics mode and before 6th point to switch back to the original mode.

A few points to keep in mind:
1. Both of the kinematic function sets needs to be continuous at the boundary or else it will generate a sudden jump in the motors.
2. Passing the variable through motion program should be done without the synchronous M-variable since the segmentation calculation (kinematics) is done ahead of time.
3. Both forward and inverse kinematics should support both function sets.

Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.
I get it. Thank you!

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