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PLC Stop : Description Not Found
Hi All,

I have a problem , I have assembled a machine on the base of Clipper Board and did all the settings and it is able to run the NC files for milling purposes, the only problem that I have is :

when the machine is running sometimes in the middle of milling program an error pops up and says "PLC Stop : Description Not Found" and machine stops working, it happens in random times and random lines and sometimes even it doesn't happen till the end of program, but if I reset the machine trough NC PRO2 I cannot restart the program, and it will come back every few lines till I recycle the power.

I really appreciate if you could help me to get rid of this error.


Actually I have an update about this problem , I realized that the programs hold when this happens and if you un hold this happens frequently every 5 seconds till you recycle the power , any thoughts?
What screen do you see this error? Can you provide a screen shot?
this is the screen shot, it is really frustrates me:


(06-08-2012, 10:52 AM)Max546 Wrote: this is the screen shot, it is really frustrates me:

PLC Stop errors are caused by your plcs writing into ES_ERR_STOP_M or ES_ERR_STOP_2M. Look at those two variables and see which bit is set in them. Since the bit settings for each message repeat across the eight message words it is possible the plcs are writing an a message to the wrong M variable. The bits for each message class are defined in Errors_num.h.
This can be an electrical noise problem.
Try running your program without the spindle running. If it works without this "random stopping" then replace your EMI filter, if you have one, if you dont have an EMI filter, insert an EMI filter before the spindle. Let us know the result.

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