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Ethernet communication PMAC2A/PC104
I have troubles communicating with a Pmac2A/PC104 through Acc-2P.
I am able to program the IP address, the card replies to ping (both from Pewin32Pro2 and "dos" command) but refuses to communicate.

The CPU is a 80 Mhz 5CF option.

Since I have another identical CPU (with opt12 added) I tried with this one and.... this way it works, so it's not a fault of the ACC2P.

I tried resetting the card with E3 jumper with no result.
Swapping the CPUs I noticed that with the "bad" one if I plug the USB cable with the PMAC already powered windows says that the USB device could not be recognized, but if I power the device with the cable already inserted it is correctly recognized (tough it doesn't communicate through USB or ETH)

Any hints?

Both boards are new, assy 603670-109
It seems that the PMAC2A/PC104 is having an hardware problem and there is nothing we can do without having the card back in Switzerland to check it.

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