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Not receiving interrupts from PMAC
I have enabled interrupts for my PMAC and included several interrupts in the terminal (PEWIN) interrupt mask. However, I never seem to receive any interrupts (not even host requests).

What could be the problem?
You could be missing jumper settings - what PMAC type is this?

Any ideas?
This should only require software setup as there are no jumpers for this card. I will try this on my system here and provide the results to you.
Thanks! I look forward to hearing the results.
I have tried this with our latest Executive, Pewin32Pro2. I can see all interrupts in the "Interrupt Monitor". Besides setting the interrupts to view in the "Terminal" menu "View Interrupts" selection, you must also turn on the interrupts in the Pcomm driver.

From the PMAC devices window (under "Setup" then "General Setup and Options") select the PCI device and then "Properties...". Then in the "Device Properties" window select the "General" button and check the "Enable Interrupts" check box.

You will then need to close the Executive and reboot the computer. The interrupts should now display in the "Interrupt Monitor".
I have followed your suggested steps, but I still get no interrupts.
I can confirm that the "Enable Interrupts" check box is checked, and that the terminal is set to view interrupts.

I am now trying with a plc that should fire IR6, but when I use it, I get nothing.

; IR6 setup
M213->X:$78403,9,1 ; CTRL1 direction register
M4123->X:$78407,9,1 ; CTRL1 sense inversion control

M213 = 1 ; Set CTRL1 as output

open plc6 clear

    ; Trigger IR6 interrupt

What interrupts are selected for display?

Any communication should generate an interrupt if the "Host Request" is checked.
All are selected. I get no interrupts. I have three PMAC's that all experience this behavior.
What is the version of the Executive being used?
What is the computer OS being used?
What are the serial numbers of the boards?
The Executive version is:
OS: Windows 7
I have only two systems available right now (the third is off running in a field experiment). I have run the "sid" command on the two available systems to obtain the following id's (is that enough?): 6C00000028B59124, D00000001F0AAA27
Do you have the information you need?
Are there any barcode stickers on these cards - if so what are the numbers?
I'm not at work for the next week or so, but I will check when I get back.
I have just checked, and there are no barcode stickers on the cards.
Are there any options or variables that are related to the interrupts I can check?
This card does not have any jumpers or options to prevent interrupts but very old cards did not have interrupt capability. Send me a hi-res picture of the card to determine if this is the case.

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