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phasing-search error occured
i am now using IMAC FLEX to drive a linear moter with a sinusoidal amplifer.
everytime i power the controller, open the Pewin Pro2 software , the phasing search error moter status bit is set there, i reset that bit by making m148=0, then save it. but the next time i power on the controller, that setting bit still exists.
i can not figure out ,because the varible I180 is 6, means power on phasing search is disabled(phasing method:stepper moter method),why do i get that setting bit?
Is there someone to help me out ?
a million thanks!
If you have a commutated motor, you must phase it every time you power up. This will clear the bit. If you have already configured your phasing routine, you can issue the $ command. If you have not yet configured phasing, look up how to do that in your appropriate controller manual.
What PLCs are enabled at power on? Is any motion being commanded automatically? Is that axis getting enabled automatically?
thanks, charlesP.
I read the controller user manual and found some line saying" if turbo pmac is commutating the motor and it is a synchronous motor, a phasing reference must be eastablished with the $ command as part of the enabling process. the motor cannot be enabled before a successful phasing reference is established,
because the motor 'phasing reference error' status bit that is automatically set on power-up/reset will not be cleared."

Does that mean everytime the motor is powered , that status bit will be set automatically ? what is the purpose ? Is that a bug in Pewin software?

there is another line reading " if Ixx81 is set to zero, a power-on phasing search routine is required for synchronous fixed-field motors"
Does that mean the automatic phasing search routine defined by Ixx80 starts to be executed the moment the controller is powered and the phasing process failed, so the controller set the 'phasing-search error bit'.

i know that sounds crazy because what i thought conflicts with my Ixx80 setting (Ixx80=6 power-on phasing disabled,stepper motor method), i`m really confused !
That error bit is set on controller power-up or motor reset($). It is cleared after a successful phasing search. What you are seeing is normal with I180=6. You must issue a "#1$" command to begin the phasing search. If it is successful that error bit will be cleared. You can then normally enable and disable the motor without having to do another phasing search until the next power cycle(or if feedback is lost somehow).
thanks ,brian. if Ixx80 is set to 6, which means the power-on phasing search is disabled,without the phasing search move ,how could the controller know there is a phsing search error occured ?
Maybe the controller works like this , if you disable the phasing search move, it will notify the user that the phasing reference is missing by setting the motor status bit "phasing search error", after you phased ,the bit will be cleared.
By default the bit is set at power up. The only way to clear it is to perform the phasing search. I am sure this is by design so that the motor can't be enabled without being phased.
From the Turbo Software Reference Manual:

Bit 8 Phasing Reference Error: This bit is set to 1 on power-up/reset for a PMAC-commutated (Ixx01
bit 0 = 1) synchronous motor. It is also set to 1 at the beginning of a phasing search move or phasing
absolute position read for such a motor. It is set to 0 on the successful completion of a phasing search
move or phasing absolute position read. If this bit is 1, the position/velocity servo loop cannot be closed
for this motor.
This bit is set to 1 if the phasing search move for a Turbo PMAC-commutated motor has failed due to
amplifier fault, overtravel limit, or lack of detected motion. It is set to 0 if the phasing search move did
not fail by any of these conditions (not an absolute guarantee of a successful phasing search).
you're so nice, Biran.
Could you please tell me which I Varible gives this infomation, because Ixx80 is only a three bit varible?
thank you !
This is not an I-Variable, but just the motor status word(should be Y:$0000C0 for motor#1). The word is broken out into bits using M-Variables, typically Mx30-Mx49. If you want, you can query the word with the online command "?", for the currently addressed motor.
i just checked the reference , the varible for phasing search error bit is M148, But no detail information is provided about when and in what situation will this bit be set, i think the online command will only respond with a specific value, no definition or infomation available.
you really helped me a lot, brian .
infomation about where to find the details of each bit of motor status word will be very appreciated!
All that information is in the Turbo Software Reference manual. It is under the section for the online command "?".
Rogger that. Thank you, Brian.
If Ix01 is set to 1 then a phase reference must be established after power up or reset. The “Phasing Reference Error” bit is set at power-on or reset in this case. You must either execute a phase reference search or have absolute feedback of some type (as in Hall devices) to establish the phase reference. Since you have Ix80 set to 6 – stepper method (usually the best search method) and no power on search – you must execute a $ command for the motor “#n$” n=motor number. You must have the phasing setup parameters properly set for this. If you are using current feedback then the parameters for this must also be properly setup. This is described in the Turbo PMAC User manual in the section “SETTING UP TURBO PMAC-BASED COMMUTATION AND/OR CURRENT LOOP” starting on page 89 (electronic 105). Here is a link to this manual on our WEB-site:

thanks, steve.

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