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Power PMAC Operating Environment
You state that you are using a real-time version of Linux. There are a variety of different ways of implementing real-time with Linux, so which version of real-time Linux are you using?

Are you using a 2.6.x kernel or an ancient 2.4.x kernel?

Did you roll your own Linux distribution, or did you derive it from some existing distribution like MontaVista, Debian, RedHat, etc.?

Do you make your own custom modifications to the Linux kernel?

Do you track security updates as Linux security flaws are found?
We use kernel version from denx and we patch it with aufs and xenomai 2.4.7 and do no custom modifications.

We will be locking in our version of linux for a few years and will not be constantly tracking linux updates and security. However, if you wish to do so you can grab them from

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