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Deactivate position compare?
The manual states that on an type 3 ASIC (i.e. ACC24E3) setting the CompA and CompB registers to the same value will cause the output to not toggle. However, I am seeing different with my setup, in which CompA=0, CompB=0, CompAdd=0, and my PhaseCapt at 0. In this scenario I still see the Equ/EquOut toggling back and forth when the servo loop is closed.
I am unable to duplicate this on my systems. Please doublecheck everything and poll all relevant elements in the watch window.

Can you duplicate this by hand moving the motor back and forth across the position?

Unfortunately I was able to duplicate this on my system.

Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.
The surest way to deactivate the position compare output is to set Gate3[i].Chan[j].EquOutMask to 0 so that none of the internal compare states is used in that channel's output.
Thanks Curt!

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