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handwheel following
hardware: pmac2 pc104 non-turbo

I have a machine where I need axis 1 to follow axis 3's encoder during a jog move of axis 3. I have successfully pointed I105 to channel 3's encoder conversion table entry at Y:$0722. I have properly setup the ratio I107 and I108. I am using a plc to give the user the ability to toggle I106 on and off to enable/disable the following.

When following is enabled, the axis 1 stage has a slight "clunk" at the beginning and ending of the jog move. Is there any way to remedy this? Thanks.

If you change your following mode, using bit 16 of Ix05 from normal following to offset following, you should be able to have the transition without any jumps.

The software reference manual explains this :

Quote:Following Modes: The source address of the position information occupies bits 0 to 15 of Ix05 (range $0000 to $FFFF, or 0 to 65535). With bit 16 equal to zero – the normal case – position following is done with the actual position reported for the motor reflecting the change due to the following. With bit 16 – value 65536 – equal to one, the actual position reported for the motor does not reflect the change due to the following (“offset” mode). This mode can be useful for part offsets, and for superimposing programmed and following moves. For example, to have motor #1 following encoder 2 in offset mode, I105 should be set to $10721.

Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

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