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How do I access encoder compare and EQU registers on ACC24E2
In Turbo PMAC we used the suggested M-variables

M108->Y:$078207,0,24,S ; ENC1 compare A position
M109->X:$078207,0,24,S ; ENC1 compare B position
M110->X:$078206,0,24,S ; ENC1 compare autoincrement value
M111->X:$078205,11 ; ENC1 compare initial state write enable
M112->X:$078205,12 ; ENC1 compare initial state
M114->X:$078205,14 ; AENA1 output status
M115->X:$078200,19 ; USER1 flag input status
M116->X:$078200,9 ; ENC1 compare output value

To use the gatearray compare end EQU feature. I do not see PowerPMAC structures for all of these variables so what is now the procedure?
M108 is Gate1[4].Chan[0].CompA ; ENC1 compare A position
M109 is Gate1[4].Chan[0].CompB ; ENC1 compare B position
M110 is Gate1[4].Chan[0].CompAdd ; ENC1 compare autoincrement value
M111 is Gate1[4].Chan[0].Ctrl.19.1 ; ENC1 compare initial state write enable
M112 is Gate1[4].Chan[0].Ctrl.20.1 ; ENC1 compare initial state
M116 is Gate1[4].Chan[0].Status.17.1 ; ENC1 compare output value

Now for m111, m112, m116 you can not make a bitwise definition. So you must either use bit masking on the structure name or make m-variable definitions.

1.) The formula for translating a UMAC M-Variable address for Power PMAC when (UMAC_Address – UMAC_Base) < 8 is as follows:
If a X Memory location 32 + (UMAC_Address – UMAC_Base)*4 + PPMAC Base
If a Y Memory location (UMAC_Address – UMAC_Base)*4 + PPMAC Base

UMAC_Base for CS2 $78200
PPMAC_Base for CS2 $600000

In addition when translating bits you must add 8 to the bit value. The reason is bits 23 - 0 of the PMAC are always mapped as bits 31 - 8 on the Power PMAC. Bits 7 - 0 are meaningless

So the address M114->X:$78205,14 becomes M114->$600034.22 on the Power PMAC.
So the address M111->X:$078205,11 becomes M111->$600034.19 on the Power PMAC.
So the address M112->X:$078205,12 becomes M112->$600034.20 on the Power PMAC.
So the address M116->X:$078200,9 becomes M116->$600020.17 on the Power PMAC.

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