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About pcomm32 and pcommserver
When using pcomm32,"pmacserver.exe" could be found in the taskmanager's process list,when using pcommserver,"pcommserver.exe" could be found in the taskmanager's process list. So the background process's name could be used to identify which libary is used,Is it right?

Firstly I install a PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite for a trial,in which pcommserver is installed. My application is developed by Qt, so the function cant be imported simply by TypeLib,thus I call the function via the decleartions in "runtime.h" and "runtime.cpp",you can find the two files in "VCtest" exmple which is for pcomm32. Most of whose functions works fine,except the callback function in the download function.When My application is lunched, "Pcommsever.exe" can be found in the process list.

I want to use the callback function to check whether it is Ok when I download files, so I rolled back to Pcomm32, with which ,the callback function works perfectly,but I met another problem. In my application there is a timer,with whose timeout a query command is sent to pmac to do some refresh. Everytime I lunch the application, when the first timeout event the timer is triggered, the programm stay in still,after severall seconds, a warning dialog pops up.
If I click "Yes",then every thing go well,else,the application send the query command with a long time and has no response to the mouse and keyboard.

Am I using an old version of pcomm32? I saw the version from pewin32pro,It is PEWin32 pro version sep 26 2002.

Thank you for your attention,and I appreciate any advice!
I'm sure the wiring is OK, because pewin32pro,pewin32pro2 works properly.
OK,Choose important than method。
Every thing is done by using com interfacing。
Thanks for all attention!

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