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Libraries break TaskManager
This is a complicated combination of things and I'm not sure of the logic but I have managed to recreate with a simple project:

* $$$***
* New project
* Add CPLCs 20, 21, 24 (empty programs will do)
* Add Libraries alib, blib (empty programs will do)
* Build and Download All Programs
* Open TaskManager

CPLC20 is missing.

Some interesting points:

If you then delete from "var/ftp/usrflash/Project/C Language/CPLCs/user" and hit Refresh List, you get CPLC20 but not 21 and 24.

If you then delete from the same place and refresh, the list is fixed.

This is very confusing on a bigger more complicated project and needs fixing. Maybe this is a clue to the other Library issues...


I have posted this bug in the bugzilla:
Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

Can you clarify something for me? When the CPLC programs are missing from the Task Manager, are they still running on the Power PMAC or not?


The missing or present CPLCs can each be started and stopped at will using UserAlgo.BgCplc[xx]=1/0. They are not running by default on download.

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