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Initialising global vars in pmh
A quick question concerning something new I was taught off topic from another post.

I like the concept of initialising global variables in my pmh file:

global ThisIsOK = 100;
global ThisIsImpossible(6) = (2,4,6,8,10,12);

global ThisWorks(6);

The first line is good.
I cannot guess the syntax to make the second line work (does it exist? could it be included next release?)
The last two lines will do the kind of thing I want but give me red squiggly line language service errors.

The array definition is Power PMAC Script language is actually a function call and for this reason the second line of code is not acceptable and will not be supported.

The second approach that you have taken is correct. first you define the array structure, and then you can access each member independently.

Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

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