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Missing 'pmac.dll' file
Hi, can anybody help me! A customer has a crashed PC that
they use to perform tests of devices but the hard driver has crashed and it can't be recovered and they don't have the original discs. When tring to load a backup version of the software it ask's for a dll called 'pmac.dll'. Part of PMAC User Panel, part of PMAC Motion Control for LabView 5.0 for a ISA slot fibreoptic card (Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. PMAC 2-PC ULTRA-LITE).
Looking at '' website, the software there is only for products changed to the PCI format, minus the 'pmac.dll' which I think is for the ISA cards.
Do anybody have an ftp site or something similar where I can download or get access to the 'PMAC Motion Control for LabView 5.0' or the missing driver for the 'old' ISA motion card.

We will need to know what software you are installing and what version it is. The older software installations are version specific. It would probably be best for you to call me directly:
Steve Milici
My Direct PH: 818 717 5658

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