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Practical Servo Loop Tuning Guidelines
Please refer to the attached tutorial ("Servo Loop Tuning.pdf") for some practical guidelines for tuning the servo loop. Please try to tune according to these suggestions if you have any following error-related problems before calling Technical Support.

For a theoretical description of the functionality of each gain in the servo algorithm, refer to the attached "Servo Algorithm.pdf" document.

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.pdf   Servo Loop Tuning.pdf (Size: 1.83 MB / Downloads: 1,273)
.pdf   Servo Algorithm.pdf (Size: 501.95 KB / Downloads: 664)
Can you put up some good information on the proper management of feedforward gains . . . i.e. if I am tuning and find that the following error perfectly correlates to the commanded acceleration but is opposite in sign . . . what is my next tuning adjustment?
Page 137 (bottom left corner) of the Servo Loop Tuning pdf already deals with that condition -- you must decrease Kaff (Ixx35).

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