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Making PPMAC structure names mean something for my application
I want to set up a pointer called ADC1 to the address reported by AdcDemux.ResultLow[0].a so that I can use meaningful names in programs and in the watch window. How do I do it?

I tried this:

ptr ADC1->$d6f7c0e0.0.12

but it does not work.
With many items you can just point the pointer to the structure element.

ptr ADC1->AdcDemux.ResultLow[0]

On the other hand you can #define anything. Just do

#define ADC1 AdcDemux.ResultLow[0] in the GlobalDefintions.pmh

After downloading or mapping the variables (done with right click on the project) the editor language service has ADC1 available. It is also available and the intellisense in the terminal and watch under Userdefine.ADC1

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