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pp_inc_disable, pp_inc_enable
what is the function behind this two files?


There are 4 files in Power PMAC Project, under Configuration folder, which can be modified by the user to specify the actions taking place before and after of download of a project into Power PMAC. These files are:



pp_disable.txt will be executed as online commands on Power PMAC before every complete download of the project. In this file, usually all motion programs are aborted and all PLCs are disabled in order to allow rewriting them.

pp_startup.txt will be executed as online commands on Power PMAC after every complete download of the project. This file usually contains the initial state of the machine, such as which PLCs should be executed. Notice that the contents of this file will be executed during the power-up/reset since the project gets loaded from NAND-flash to RAM, hence a complete download is taking place.

The pp_inc_disable.txt and pp_inc_startup.txt are equivalents of pp_disable.txt and pp_startup.txt, however their content will be executed upon an "incremental build" which can be performed by selecting individual files in project and selecting "Download File" from right-click menu. Notice that incremental download is only available if the complete download has been performed at least once.

Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

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