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PMAC Macro Parser
We have used PMAC macros in one of our projects, but we were using PEWIN32Pro to download the CFG to the card each time we made a change. Recently I converted a different project to use macros, but we have developed an application for automatically downloading these CFGs to the cards. Apparently the PCOMM32 driver does not have the capability to parse the macros when using the API download functionality.

As I see it, my two options are:
1) Create a macro parser in my downloading application and handle parsing and translating the macros myself, or
2) Acquire the Delta Tau parser utility and distribute it with the installer

Can someone point me to a link to the Delta Tau PMAC Macro Parser utility? Or is there another preferred method? We have not upgraded to the PEWIN32Pro2 suite, so I can't comment on whether this functionality is present in that version.

After more research, I believe the problem may lie in the DLL functions, but the PCOMM32 ActiveX driver *does* have the capability to parse the macros. We are using PMAC Panel Pro 2 for our projects, and it talks directly to the DLL, so I think that is why it seems to fail. I will try to implement an ActiveX downloading function and see if I can get the macros to work.
Did you ever end up figuring out if this worked?
(07-05-2017, 01:09 PM)dougjr17 Wrote: Did you ever end up figuring out if this worked?

Unfortunately, I never had time to implement the ActiveX functions and try this out. I believe it may work though.

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