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Install IDE on 64-bit Windows XP
The IDE setup requires "Windows Installer 3.1". Cannot find a copy for 64-bit Windows XP. Does anyone know where to down load?
#2 discusses Installer 3.1.

Installer 4.5 can be found here:

It should work to get 4.5 also.
When I installed "WindowsXP-KB898715-x64-enu.exe", it reported my system had a new version and did not complete the installation. Didn't say which version my system has. For sure it was not 3.1, because the IDE installer insisted I had to install 3.1. I did get the 4.5 version installed. However, the IDE installer still insisted I had to install 3.1. Any idea?
Has anybody installed the 64-bit IDE in a Window 64-bit XP?

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