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PPmac Help Files are not present in the IDE
On a couple of systems we have found that the PPmac help files do not show up in the IDE. What we have have is that during the installation process one step is somehow failing. Until we find out why here is a manual fix.

Go to the Help directory of the installation directory of the IDE. In a standard installation this would be:

C:\Program Files\Delta Tau Data Systems Inc\2.0\Power PMAC Suite\PowerPMACHelp

Make a copy of the file RegisterPowerPMACHelp2.bat and name it something easy like aaa.bat. Open this file in an editor and replace all occurances of VSIPC with VSCC.

Repeat the procedure on the file UnRegisterPowerPMACHelp2.bat.

Now run the file aaa.bat. Start the IDE and you should see the PPmac help files.

If this works you might want to rename the files UnRegisterPowerPMACHelp2.bat and RegisterPowerPMACHelp2.bat and then name the temporary files you created UnRegisterPowerPMACHelp2.bat and RegisterPowerPMACHelp2.bat.

If this fixes the problem then you might want to see why VSIPCC does not work on your computer since Microsoft recommends that we use VSIPCC

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