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How do I set timezone on PowerPMAC?
Our Power PMAC boots up in the Pacific (Los Angeles) time zone. We tried changing /etc/timezone, but that had no effect. We also tried running /usr/bin/tzselect, but that gives the following errors:

/usr/bin/tzselect: line 53: /usr/share/zoneinfo/ No such file or directory
/usr/bin/tzselect: time zone files are not set up correctly

What method should we use in order to set the timezone?

This is another one of those issues where you must go to /.readonly/etc/timezone and change the setting there.
I think we did that already, but I'll try again and let you know. I think the errors that are reported by tzselect are important. From other web queries about Debian Linux, there are files missing that should be there.
The solution to changing the timezone under Debian Linux is to install the tzdata using:

env http_proxy=http://user:pass@server:port apt-get update
env http_proxy=http://user:pass@server:port apt-get install tzdata

where user=username, pass=password, server=proxy server, and port=proxy port.

Then run:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

and select your geographical region and timezone.

Be sure to use a terminal session that supports escape sequences.

When you are done, the only files that are changed/created in /etc are:


These need to be copied to your /.readonly directory.

I also used rsync to sync up the /var directory with /.readonly/var, but it is probably not necessary. There were some apt lists that were new after the install.

You will also have the necessary files installed in /usr/share/zoneinfo.

Reference the following websites for more information:

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