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PPMAC - How to register hostname in DNS server
This is mostly an informational post for the benefit of other users.

We were able to successfully modify /opt/etc/network/interfaces to use DHCP instead of static IP address setup (as identified in other posts on this forum). However, after reboot, we found that we could no longer communicate with the Power PMAC. The Power PMAC had been automatically assigned a new IP address (as we had hoped), but its hostname was not registered with our DNS servers. We were therefore unable to discover its IP address (which also meant that we could not communicate with it). Delta Tau support explained that we could use the serial port to observe the boot up process and, ultimately, reach a login prompt. For the serial port access, a proper RS232 cable is needed and the baud rate that worked was 115K Baud. Once we had the serial port connected (using Tera Term), we could identify in the logged output the IP address that was assigned.

After further investigation, we discovered that the hostname which is registered with the DNS server must be specified in /.readonly/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf as follows:

send host-name "";

where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the hostname of the Power PMAC.

Once the change to /.readonly/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf was made, we used the reboot command to reboot the Power PMAC. A minute or so after the Power PMAC received its automatically assigned IP address, we were able to discover it by name using ping, telnet, ftp, and other commands. However, we are not able to specify the hostname in the IDE. It only seems to accept IP addresses.

Q. Will the IDE (and Comm Library functions) eventually support the use of hostnames instead of IP addresses?

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