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Problems using ACC-11E
I am having issues in using my ACC-11E 24In/24Out card. I have mapped ptr vars to the bits by using the suggested m var definitions document, but I can't get an LED to turn on on my outputs (simple test to see if I'm addressing the board properly...).

Here is how my card is configured:

E1 (ON)
E2-E4 (OFF)
E5 (2-3)
E6A-E6H (1-2)

On a turbo system this would start at: Y:$078C00 I believe.

For lack of any other documentation (That I am aware of) I assigned the suggested mvar definitions for IO card 0, such as:

"ptr IoCard0Pt00->$A00000.8.1; // I/O Card 0 I/O00"

Now using the terminal I'm trying to write 1 to the different addresses and nothing seems to happen to the LEDs. Do I have the board address wrong?

For kicks I also wrote $07 to the control register to make 0-23 input and 24-47 output. This did not seem to help any.

Any ideas?

The only other card in the system is a macro card if this is important to know. I have not programmed the macro card at all yet.

Thank you,
Sorry for the inconvenience, I solved my own problem.

I forgot that the delta tau IO cards run the LED's off of the 24V supply which I did not have hooked up on my "software development" rack. I seem to be able to address all of my outputs now (and presumably the inputs too although I have yet to test).

Thank you,

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