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Delta Tau Add-Ins do not show in the IDE tools menu

Delta Tau Add-Ins do not show in the IDE tools menu. This means
Task Manager
Motor Setup

Are not shown.


1. The Add-Ins are installed in the folder My Documents. If My Documents is really a network drive then the Add-Ins will not work.

I got an internet link to these instructions (I think from BradP originally) for a similar problem with "FogBugz" add-in, but if you replace the fogbugz add-ins for the PPMAC addins the instructions are identical. I think I got this from Brad in an email a while back:

Cause: The add-in is installed on a network drive, probably because your home directory ("My Documents") is located on a server on your Intranet.
Solution: Copy the add-in to a local hard drive, by following these steps:
1. Say "No" to the error message -- do not remove the add-in.
2. Exit Visual Studio.
3. Make a directory on your hard drive, for example c:\Program Files\FogBugzForVisualStudio. The name doesn't matter but it does need to be on a local hard drive, not on the intranet.
4. Find the two files that make up the add-in. They should be located in "My Documents" in a subdirectory called Visual Studio 2005\Addins. The two files are:
o FogBugzForVisualStudio.AddIn
o FogBugzForVisualStudio.dll
5. If the .AddIn file ends with an underscore (FogBugzForVisualStudio.AddIn_), rename the file to remove the underscore.
6. Move those two files into the directory you created.
7. Run Visual Studio 2005.
8. Choose Tools | Options
9. Go to the Environment | Add-in / Macros Security tab
10. Click Add and point to the directory where you put the add-in
11. Click OK
12. Restart Visual Studio
13. Choose Tools | Add-in Manager and check the box next to FogBugz for Visual Studio. Also check the box in the Startup column.
14. FogBugz for Visual Studio should load.
More details: FogBugz for Visual Studio is a .NET assembly. When Visual Studio loads add-ins in the form of .NET assemblies over a network from the Intranet zone, it does not completely trust them. This generates a security violation.

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