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Position Calculation
Several PMAC memory locations are used when generating “machine position” registers for a given application. For axis number one the following registers can be used,

M161->D:$0028 ;commanded postion (cts/[Ix08*32])
M162->D:$002B ;actual position (cts/[Ix08*32])
M164->D:$0813 ;position bias (cts/[Ix08*32])
M167->D:$0813 ;master position (cts/[Ix08*32])
M169->D:$0046 ;compensation correction (cts/[Ix08*32])
M174->D:$0840 ;following error (cts/[ix08*32])in memory map!

Machine Position = Actual Position + Position Bias + Compensation Correction

If using the handwheel offset mode (bit 16 of Ix05 is set i.e. Ix05=$010730) then,

Machine Position = Actual Position + Position Bias +Compensation Correction – Master Position

Following Error = Commanded Position – Actual Position+Bias+Compensation+Home Offset

Mx68 is the register that people have used to monitor and plot the output of
the PID servo loop. However, some people want to put the motor in open-loop
mode and calculate the output themselves and put it in a register. Mx79 is
the register to do this.

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