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Ethernet/IP support on arm.
I have an arm,LS1021A and upgraded to Firmware to test out the Ethernet/IP functionality in the IDE. When I attempted to download I got a message:

The connected Power PMAC does not support Ethernet/IP in it's current configuration. Please contact support.

Is this an option that needs to be purchased similar to modbus on the older Turbo PMAC systems or am I missing something simple.

Unfortunately, it's more similar to Modbus, but not quite the same.

To use E/IP, it does have to be licensed. At this point*, this license is provided automatically with no charge on new units purchased. For units previously purchased, it can similarly be added through an RMA, though this likely has a cost associated with it--I am not certain. You would just request an RMA to add E/IP to the unit and they should be able to appropriately quote it. It will need to be shipped back to a factory; at this point the procedure cannot be easily done remotely.

*I am not aware of any plans to charge for licenses on new units in the future, however I also cannot guarantee anything. Plans may change, etc.

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