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PPMAC Custom VB.NET application
Dear All,
I'm new to Power PMAC and recent updates to PDK. I'm trying to develop a custom GUI for a machine using Power PMAC. We got the license for the PDK and I had activated the same. Currently I need some help in order where to start with. I couldn't find any manual as such except the samples on the PDK folder.

Can I request someone to provide me some guidance on how to communicate to PPMAC and subsequently query and send commands.

Thank you in advance.

The manual for the PDK, “Power PMAC development kit (PDK) manual.pdf”, is installed in the PDK folder:
Hi Raghav,

I have a useful document that has some GUI examples using the PDK and contains the code or instruction needed to communicate with PMAC. If you want, just send me an email at and I can send you the attachment, the document is too large to attach on a forum post.


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