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Motor[x].Servo.pAccOut with 85M
We are using Yaskawa Sigma V drives with a 85M Macro module connected to an ACC-5E card. The drives are in velocity mode and we are adding a thrust command to reduce following error. On the Turbo PMAC, we have an open servo routine that calculates the 32 bit thrust command and writes the upper 16 bits to the first 16-bit command register on the ACC-5E (Y:$78421) and the the lower 16 bits to the second 16-bit command register (Y:$78422).

We are converting from Turbo PMAC to Power PMAC now. We have Motor[x].Ctrl Sys.PidCtrl and are a little confused about setting Motor[x].Servo.pAccOut. The manual says to set it to the address of a valid register and mentions Gate1[i].Macro[j][1].a or Gate3[i].MacroOutA[j][1].a when using MACRO. We tried using Acc5E[0].Macro[j][1].a but it seemed like the thrust command was very small and not changing sign, like maybe the upper 16 bits were always 0. We changed the pointer from Acc5E[0].Macro[j][1].a to Acc5E[0].Macro[j][2].a and it to appeared to work. Is this just problem with the manual? Where should we be setting the pointer so both 16 bit values are written correctly?
I don’t believe the Sigma-V with ACC-85M supports this feature. I do not see any documentation of the “extra” MACRO node that would be required.
I believe that it was added in firmware version 1.1 and is enabled by setting MI20=$30. That is what our Turbo PMAC code comments mention.

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