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Motor needs to be enabled twice?
Having an issue where I need to enable the motor twice for it to work correctly. If I send a command "#1j/" all the status indicators are green and everything seems fine but when I jog nothing moves. So have to disable and enable the motor again and it will work correctly. Any ideas what could cause this?
What is "ampenable = 1"?
Sorry I just meant the status bit saying the amp is enabled or not
Hi Chris,

Are you able to do an open loop test using the IDE tool and screenshot the plot? I'm curious to see how your motor responds, if it's a saw-tooth pattern it's likely fine and there's no wiring issue. Also, how does your tuning feel on the motor? Is it able to hold torque in a given spot pretty well when you enable it "#1j/"? It could be a tuning issue, your amp enable bit might indicate everything is fine but the tuning gains for the motor might be poor to where it doesn't actually drive the motor. Feel free to send a screenshot of your plot from the tuning tool as well. Are there any other status indications in your motor 1 status display that are red when the motor doesn't move? Check the feedrate of your motor in the terminal with the "%" command. It should be %100 under normal operating conditions unless specified otherwise.

Tuning seems fine and it has no trouble holding. I dont see any torque spikes when I jog it normally. I have noticed sometimes the softlimit bit comes on even if its not near any of the soft limits set which is interesting. I will check feedrate and look at doing an open loop test. Thank you

Sounds good let me know. Also, do you happen to have any PLC's active in your system that could be messing with your motor as you're trying to issue an online jog command from the terminal? I might suggest disabling all your PLC before you test the ability to do a "#1j/" to see if the issue is still present. This could be a problem just generated by a PLC you have enabled.


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