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RESOLVED - Floating-point in User-Written Phase Routines
Hi, I found a problem that may bug other users as well and I wanted to share that issue. I have a project with 2 user-written phase routines and a CCISR.

Out of no special reason I set up the usrcode.c-file like this:

|phase routine 1
|phase routine 2

When I wanted to declare a double-type variable I got the notice:
"Double type is not allowed in this context" .

I searched the manuals for explanations but could instead find examples which use double data-types. Turns out that all is fine when I change the order the routines to:

|phase routine 1
|phase routine 2

I know I am not allowed floating point math in the CCISR. But when I declare double variables there I do not even get an error - notice.

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