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Sinewave(2dac) command control and Endat2.2 Linear encoder setting
I set up the axis with Acc24E3[1].Chan[0] input to Motor[5].
But there was a problem.
PowerUMAC configuration is PowerPMAC CPU + ACC-24E3(300-604005-10x, 300-604004-10x)+ACC-24E3(300-604006-10x, 300-604003-10x).
I confirmed that the Endat2.2 encoder input status input to Motor[5] is normal.
And in the Test and Set item, the following items went well.
1.Current six step test: Test completed
2. Open loop test: Test completed
3. Measure DAC bias value: Test completed
However, an error occurred in the following items.
4. Phase reference search: error occurred
I don't know if this is the problem, but when the initial amp enable command (#5J/), the axis bounces and a following error occurs.
I think there is a problem with the settings I made.
Please check if there is a problem with the setting.
Setting history is an attached file.

Attached Files
.txt   Phase9.036_servo2.259 default setting_delta tau.txt (Size: 16.35 KB / Downloads: 4)
Hi Clark,

Has this motor's servo loop been tuned? Do you have a plot of what a step and settle move looks like for the motor after modifying some of the tuning parameters? The motor might be bouncing around and going into a fatal following error because of poor tuning.

Kind regards,
What version of the IDE are you using? Can you show a screenshot of your serial encoder settings like in the attached imaged? I'd like to try and confirm Motor[x].AbsPhaseOffset is set correctly by our wizard.

Attached Files Image(s)
I tried testing again by increasing the servo gain, but it didn't work.
The test contents are attached as a picture file.
The IDE version uses
Endat2.2 encoder setting information is attached as a picture file.

Attached Files Image(s)
I know we have recently made major changes to the serial encoder setup wizard. It may be a good idea to update to IDE Use the "Power PMAC IDE Download" link near the top.

You may experience issues with IDE crashing on docking IDE windows depending on microsoft windows updates. It would be best to avoid docking windows for now.

Let's not worry about Tuning yet, the motor is not being phased correctly so it is not controllable.
I am already using IDE version.
And since I know there is an IDE docking problem, I don't use IDE docking.
Turbo pmac normally used Endat2.2 linear encoder.
I also think phasing is not normal and I don't care about tuning.
Is the Endat2.2 linear encoder setting I set wrong?
Or is the Sinewave amplifier setting wrong?
Attach motor information and Sinewave amplifier information.
It has been confirmed by this week and should be tested.

I have another question.
The Korean agency said that the 2dac dedicated ACC-24E3 interface board is a separate option.
I want to know if the ACC-24E3 interface board I have is capable of 2dac control. Attach interface board information.
Gate3[0]: Digital Amplifier-Interface Mezzanine Board for 4-axis, Analog Feedback Mezzanine Board
Gate3[1]: Analog Amplifier-Interface Mezzanine Board for 4-axis, Digital Feedback Mezzanine Board

Attached Files Image(s)

.txt   interface card option.txt (Size: 853 bytes / Downloads: 0)
Can you share the response from your messages window after the test and set fails?
I have been testing the Endat2.2 linear encoder phasing problem so far.
Tested in two ways.
1.Absolute sensor/Primary serial feedback phasing method
-I think that when $$$ or PowerUMAC power is ON/OFF, Servo should be enabled immediately with #5j/ without a separate phasing operation. However, Servo is not enabled.
-When TurboUMAC and Endat2.2 were previously applied, Servo enabled and operated with #5j/ without phasing.
-In CK3M technical data, there is a reference for Endat2.2 setting as follows, so I tested it, but it is not resolved.
CK3M technical data
Sys.WpKey = $AAAAAAAA //Release write-protect
//Setting registers for Serial Encoder
Gate3[1].SerialEncCtrl = $01020003
//Setting Encoder table
EncTable[9].type = 1
EncTable[9].pEnc = Gate3[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataA.a
EncTable[9].ScaleFactor = 1
Motor[5].ServoCtrl = 1
Motor[5].pEnc = EncTable[9].a
Motor[5].pEnc2 = EncTable[9].a
//Enable Serial Encoder
Gate3[1].Chan[0].SerialEncEna = 1
//Perform delay compensation cycle and position data reading
Gate3[1].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd = $80071025
Motor[5].pAbsPos = Gate3[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataA.a
Motor[5].AbsPosFormat = $01002500
Motor[5].AbsPosSF = 1
Motor[5].PowerOnMode = 4

2. Stepper phasing method
-After setting up the axis with the stepper phasing method, Servo enable was possible with the manual phasing method, and the motor could be driven after gain tuning.
-The manual phasing method is used when using a general incremental encoder. I don't think it is suitable for using encoders.

* I should use the current axis phasing method as the Absolute sensor/Primary serial feedback phasing method, not the Stepper phasing method. Please tell me how Delta tau can solve it.

And I used 2 PowerPMAC CPUs to test the current axis, but I have a problem that I can't understand, so please contact us. After setting the same Stepper phasing method with two CPUs, the Current six step test was conducted in Test and Set. Depending on the CPU, the current six step test passed or an error occurred.
-460EX CPU: Passed, normal Motor[].PhasePosSf, Motor[].PhaseOffset values ​​were found, and the axis was operated normally after manual phasing.
-1020 CPU: An error occurred, and after manually inputting the Motor[].PhasePosSf value and the normal direction value of Motor[].PhaseOffset, the axis was operated normally after manual phasing.

* The actual CPU to be used is 1020 CPU, but it is necessary to check if it is a bug of the CPU itself. When tested with two CPUs, the ACC-24E3 interface board was in the same state. After initializing the 2 CPUs, attach the set data as a file.

** The conclusion is to drive the axis using the Absolute sensor/Primary serial feedback phasing method when applying a linear motor and Endat2.2 linear encoder.
I have used TurboPMAC a lot, but it hasn't been long since I experienced PowerPMAC. I need your help.

Attached Files Image(s)

.txt   460EX Setup PowerPMAC Messages.txt (Size: 12.22 KB / Downloads: 0)
.txt   1020 Setup PowerPMAC Messages.txt (Size: 11.76 KB / Downloads: 2)
1. I think what's missing is a setting for Motor[x].AbsPhasePosOffset. Take a look at "Stepper Phasing Force Test" and the following example on page 184 of the Power Brick LV ARM Manual.

The power Brick has this material in it's manual because it's an all in one product, in your case you should be able to replace PowerBrick[i] with Gate3[i].

2. Methods that move the motor to phase (stepper or 4 guess) will work with a serial encoder, but an absolute read should be performed instead if possible.
Also, I am surprised you did not need to set Motor[x].PhaseFound to 1.

Different Results With Different CPUs.
What firmware version was each CPU at? The current IDE expects at least a certain firmware version to run the correct tests at test and set.

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