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Any Idea how to... determine if var is M or P type ?
Here is interesting question from end user:

For Example I would like to do something like what is below

If (MyVar == Pvaraible) { stuff } // checking if MyVar is a P variable
if (MyVar == Mvarialbe) {different stuff} //Checking if MyVar is a M Variable


*** Ideas on how to determine in logic a given variable is type M,Q,P ?

- perhaps in CfromScript sub-routine to do a query and read back the echo text to see the letter M or P ?

- In var Name append a letter at end _M _P then have a sub-routine return if text matches M or P ?

Thanks for looking...
I'm not sure I understand the point of the question. Why would you need to check at runtime what type a variable is? Almost every check I can come up with has to be done in C and won't build if the test would fail.

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