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PrevEnc and Index4

I have to report the position of a single encoder through a motor structure without InPos and DacLimit problems due to absence of feedback signal. So I was trying to create a second reference signal (Apart from DesPos signal) to input an EncTable structure pointed to the single encoder (without motor). So I was performing some tests with virtual motors modifications to attempt this second reference signals by the following snippets of code:

EncTable[31].type=1 // 32-bit register read
EncTable[31].pEnc=Sys.Idata[9].a // Same as Motor[5].pDac
EncTable[31].pEnc1=Sys.pushm // Dummy read (not used)
EncTable[31].index1=0 // No shift right of source data
EncTable[31].index2=0 // No shift left of source data
EncTable[31].index3=0 // No accel limiting
EncTable[31].index4=1 // Single integration
EncTable[31].PrevDelta=0 // No bias before integration
EncTable[31].MaxDelta=0 // No velocity limit
EncTable[31].ScaleFactor=1/65536 // 32 bits -> 16 bits

EncTable[32].type=9 // 32-bit register read
EncTable[32].pEnc=EncTable[31].PrevEnc.a // Same as Motor[5].pDac
EncTable[32].pEnc1=Sys.Idata[10].a // Same as Motor[5].pDac
EncTable[32].index1=0 // No shift right of source data
EncTable[32].index2=0 // No shift left of source data
EncTable[32].index3=0 // No accel limiting
EncTable[32].index4=0 // Single integration
EncTable[32].MaxDelta=0 // No velocity limit
EncTable[32].ScaleFactor=1 // 32 bits -> 16 bits


When I set


I would expect that the motor 9 position start running to infinite since Index4 of EncTable[31] is 1 and so it perform a single integration. When I set


The motor 9 position behave as I expect (incrementing due to integration).

I suppose that PrevEnc ignore the integration (as it does with ScaleFactor) but I just find this behaviour with ScaleFactor on software manual.

I would like to know if my hypothesis is correct.
Hi George,

After confirming some information, it sounds like you are correct. PrevEnc is the unintergrated position value and does not use the scaling from the first encoder table.

Hi Smakarem,

Thank you for the information.

Maybe my manuals are not the latestest and it does not appear on there.
You could point "open" motors to the entries and subtract their corresponding Motor[x].DesPos in a user servo.

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