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IDE vs NC16 functionality
My employer has a precision lathe (with Renishaw laser feedback) connected to a PowerPMAC setup. I believe it is a Power UMAC cabinet. They've taken to using a IDE project to control the lathe instead of a NC16 interface. Everything can be made to work through the IDE but its a little clumsy. The NC16 HMI exectuable can talk to t the PMAC. It receives asynch limit conditions for example but the axis positions (only has X and Z) but poistition information. The feed rate etc controls do not work. It says the contrller has not iniaized after power-up.

I'm about to dive in deep to help get things working 100%. Can anyone in the forum provide helpful guidance. I'm an EE with considerable experience creating Windows executables and PowerPC cross-compiled executables so nothing scares me about downloading and rebuilding source etc.

Does the PMAC still run vxWorks?

Is running the NC16 interface and the IDA at the same time problematic?


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