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communication error
Dear Sir,

I am using a Windows 10 OS. I have installed Power PMAC IDE (Ver

I am having issues with establishing communication. Please I solicit your kind assistance.

Kindly reply at the earliest...

Thank you

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What type of Power PMAC do you have? Your post is in the Turbo PMAC section, and the IDE does not work with Turbo PMACs. This issue is better suited for technical support. Please email to for assistance.
Dear Gregs,

Thank you for the information.

I just got to know that my machine is a QMAC Turbo- TURBO2, X4, Version 1.947 after I entered TYPE and VERSION on the PEWIN32PRO terminal.

I have been making a lot of attempts to set up the Geo brick amplifier and controller and I have not succeeded so I wanted to use PMAC IDE because I thought the difficulty I was facing was a result of using PEWIN32PRO.

Thank you for letting me know that the IDE cannot work with my machine since it's a TURBO.


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