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Possible corrupted FAT-fs

I am using PowerPMAC IDE and Firmware: in my deltatau.

I am trying to download a project to my deltatau, but having some errors of config files. These are info that I collected:

- The IDE can connect to it, but "Sys.ServoCount" is frozen in 5006.

- hardReset ("$$$***") fails - see attached image.

- If I connect through ssh and check on dmesg, I can see the repeated times the following message:
"FAT-fs (sda1): error, fat_get_cluster: invalid cluster chain (i_pos 699243)"

- If I try to read "/opt/ppmac/usrflash/Project/Configuration/pp_proj.ini", i get:
"cat: /opt/ppmac/usrflash/Project/Configuration/pp_proj.ini: Input/output error"

- I can NOT download any project into deltaTau.

Attached Files Image(s)

.txt   dmesg.txt (Size: 15.1 KB / Downloads: 2)
It looks like you will have to image the CPU. In the IDE go to "Delta Tau" -> "Device Imaging" and there are instructions to follow depending on your form factor.

You will need the image file for your correct CPU type. Please request it from your local Omron support/sales channel.
That solved the problem! Thanks!

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