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Downloading to PMAC with project running causes watchdog fault
We are using a PowerPMAC dual core 465 CPU (firmware version

When a project is loaded and running, a new download (via IDE to the PMAC will often cause it to watchdog. This is very inconvenient, because it causes us to re-enable / re-home all of our machine motors.

Once we power cycle the PMAC, the build and download succeeds.

Is there something we can do to prevent watch dogging the PMAC on downloads?
Is this a hardware watchdog? Does PMAC have a red light? Did you see it in the Global Status window?

If this is a soft watchdog, you should be able to prevent it by setting Sys.WDTReset and Sys.BgWDTReset to large values in pp_disable.txt. They should be set back to their default value of zero in pp_startup.txt. pp_disable is ran before the build and download to disable PMAC, pp_startup is ran once PMAC finishes the download.

It may also help to use pp_disable.txt to disable PLC other processes that you believe may be an issue.

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Yes this is a hardware watchdog. The watchdog relay opens and the PowerPMAC becomes un-pingable. I'll look into the pp_disable.txt file. When do the commands in this file get issued?
Are you still having these issues? This App Note might help, it shows a method to increase the communication speed. It involves doing everything on one core, but making the change temporarily can help with development.
Sorry, I previously posted a link to an internal location. Here in the Application Note I mentioned.

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