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Automatic hostname update at boot time
I am using DeltaTau with dualcore ARM processor, FW version:, PowerPMAC IDE: I am trying to set the default hostname for each of DeltaTau we have in our installations.

I the previous ones we have (fw and apm866xx processor), we edit the following file:

- /opt/etc/hostname

At the boot time, this file is copied to /etc/hostname and the service get started, updating the DeltaTau hostname.

In the new ARM DeltaTaus, if we edit the same file, it behaves in a different way. At boot time, the file is copied to /etc/hostname, but it looks like the service does not get started. If I manually start it trough ssh command line, the hostname gets updated. As I want to get this process automatically, the only way I got it working for now was to edit the following file:

- /.readonly/etc/hostname

And the service is not needed to start. Is there a way to make the service automatically start at boot time so I don't need to edit the .readonly folder?
If the hostname task were continually running, it would set the hostname based on /opt/etc/hostname (after that replaces /etc/hostname which had already been replaced by /.readonly/etc/hostname). We have have disabled it due to a past issue.

Currently the name in /.readonly/hostname "wins" on boot if it is different from the name in /opt/etc/hostname. I would recommend changing both values so a future change or running /etc/init.d/ will not change your behavior.
Ok Eric! That's well noted. Thanks again for your help!
Are there release notes for each firmware version somewhere?

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