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How does PPNC download cfg files to POWER PMAC?
When developing a project, if the device encounters a problem, you need to reload the IDE's CFG file to power pmac to solve the problem.
I have developed a recovery interface in ppnc, which has realized the function of loading CFG files. However, I have encountered a problem. Can the function class of ppnc write the file I loaded into the control card?
Is there a routine similar to downloading the configuration?
I'm not quite sure I understand why you want to run a config file to recover PMAC.
This would only set the variables mentioned in the config file, others will not be reset. After SAVE $$$, variables will go back to the values set in header files in the IDE project.
Are you looking to return PMAC to a saved state? Like a power cycle?
Are you trying to reload the entire IDE project?

The following commands can be used to run a file on pmac. Replace {/path/File.cfg} with the actual cfg file and location. Remove the {}.
SSH: gpascii -i{/path/File.cfg}
IDE Terminal/Gpascii: system gpascii -i{/path/File.cfg}
Prog/PLC: system "gpascii -i{/path/File.cfg}"

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