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Windows Security Update Crashes IDE
There is a new Windows Security Update that is breaking the PowerPMAC IDE 3 and 4. We primarily run IDE and our machines auto updated with the new Windows updates. The IDE installs correctly and seemingly works, but every time you drag a window and try to snap it in place, the entire program freezes and crashes a few seconds later.

Not sure if it is affecting more functionality in the IDE, we discovered it on machines we were starting up. Our IT department did a company-wide Windows update recently, so it is crashing on all of our computers now. I tested it on both the and IDEs. I have verified that it is the Windows update causing this.

Is there a patch for this?
I think it was the KB4601887 update (Cumulative Update for .NET Framework) that broke things as acknowledged in the Microsoft notes for it.. It mentions that crashes can happen "when disposing an HwndSource whose RootVisual is null,
a situation that arises in Visual Studio when docking or splitting windows, and could arise in other apps."

This issue was resolved in KB4601558 for .NET Framework 4.7.2, and KB4601555 for .NET Framework 4.8.

I'm seeing KB4602298 (Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework) listed as an update on my Windows 10 PC which seems to incorporate these two fixes. Installing it resolved my issues with the PowerPMAC IDE crashes.

More details here:

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