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Cannot assign CamTable Posdata, OutData
I am testing a custom cam profile generator in a background C program but I cannot assign the values of CamTable[m].PosData[i] and CamTable[m].OutData[i] without crashing the program. As required, I first redefine the table with PScript Command("") calls defining Nx and PosData[0], then set up the rest of the parameters as shown in the attached snapshot. The first assignment statement in the for loop which assigns values to the PosData and OutData crashes in the debugger. The cam table has been initialized with its parameters. The User Manual suggests that after table memory allocation, the data can be entered in the C environment. What am I doing wrong?

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We do not offer a way to access this register from C because of complexity. CamTable[].PosData[] belongs to a dynamic shared memory table.

If targetPosn[i] was a script global variable array I believe you would be able to use the "Command" function in C to send the script assignment.

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