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PMAC CPU Serial Number
Anyone know if there is a way to get the PMAC CPU serial without physically removing the CPU? Looks like there was a command, "serialnum" listed in the SRM, but when I do it in IDE v4 (PMAC FWv2.3.2.5), it says "ILLEGAL CMD". I'm looking for a way to query CPU serial number, either through the IDE or through linux terminal? Thanks.
If the CPU was sold with the UMAC rack, then any serial number on the rack would be attached in our records. Can you get to any serial numbers?
Sure, that a good idea. Unfortunately, the PMAC CPU and chassis have been mixed and matched through the years, so I wouldn't trust that they match at this point. We are working on setting up asset tracking. Ideally, we could query each CPU to verify the part and serial number without removing it. Seems like there used to be provisions for this. Just wondering if anyone knows of a querying method that actually works.
The serialnum command works on firmware 2.4 or higher, but it requires hardware that I believe only CK3M has.

Each PMAC CPU of any type does have a unique MAC ID #, which could be used to track CPUs internally. The following commands can be used to query this value.
SSH: ip link show
IDE Terminal/Gpascii: system ip link show
Prog/PLC: system "ip link show"

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