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Unable to navigate to error
In trying to get a clean compile of cplc programs bgcplc01 and bgcplc02, I have added a dummy function call to remove the IntelliSense warning "Syntax Error - EOF" which it throws at the end of a header file. I am left with several "already defined" warnings for pp_proj.h functions such as "void SetEnumGlobalVar(enum globalP var, double data);". As well, the Navigation Error "Unable to navigate to error" appears for bgcplc02.o: In function 'user_plcc'. Please see the attachment. How should I go about debugging this problem? I don't see any issues in the files in the project Log directory.


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I have never seen the "Syntax Error - EOF" warning you are referring to. Can you show an example? Do you get it from a new project?

What do you mean by a dummy function call? After you right click the CPLCs folder and add a new CPLC it should come in with all the needed function declarations.

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Hi Eric,
Here is the Error list with the Syntax "warning". Note the ~ on the line after the #endif directive.
The error/warning/~ disappears if I uncomment the dummy function shown just above it. Please see attached PNG.
I am working on the program to see what I can do to get rid of the "Unable to navigate to error"

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Do you get this error if you try to build and download a new project?

Would removing the queues include file (or any of the others for that matter) get rid of the original end of file error? I wonder if one of them ends improperly.
Here is a simple compile of a background program that tests the setup of a cam table. The "syntax error, unexpected EOF" is from the file ECATMap.h with pp_proj.h the only other include file. Note that the other Intellisense warnings come from the pp_proj.h file as shown in the attached snapshot. There are no warnings in the build or just when in the scope of the Current Project.
The pp_proj.h file can be modified with every build depending on global definition changes and possibly other things. After clicking on a warning that opens the pp_proj.h in the editor, is it possible that it can be corrupted if it is left open during a build and does not get updated properly?

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For the original error, please right click the bgcplc tab associated with the download error and select "Open Containing Folder". The files "err.log" and "msg.log" should have some information about the cause of the error.

As far as the end of file warnings go, adding a dummy function is the best way to prevent those errors for now.

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