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Is there a relationship between the Ethercat task and the gpascii task?
1. When running the Power PMAC IDE with EtherCat enabled, a communication error occurred. This situation appears occasionally. (FW2.5.0.4 / IDE

2. When I shut down the Power PMAC IDE when the Ethercat motor makes noise, the noise is gone (FW2.5.4.0 / IDE

I think there is a relationship between the Power PMAC IDE and Ethercat. Please explain what kind of relationship it is.
There shouldn't be any relationship between the IDE and EtherCAT. You might want to try closing watch windows to see if any commands they are be sending could be the problem.

What Power PMAC CPU is this? (460? 465? Dual Core ARM?)
The cpu is Dual core ARM.

The watch window was on, but the query item was empty.

When it comes to master shift, is it correct that EtherCAT and IDE have no relationship at all?

I think there is a relationship when you look at this phenomenon.
Is either core of your CPU heavily loaded? Can you show your "Tasks" tab in your IDE "Task Manager"?

Do you have a Shift Time defined in your "Distributed Clock" tab? I know default settings work most of the time. Ideally "Cycle Time" should be set to your servo/ecat period and "Shift Time" should be set to half of that.

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I set the Distributed Clock settings as you said. I'll check the CPU load.
I also know this kind of phenomenon where a motor sounds noisy. Several reason:
* bad ECAT-setup (steady noise)
* wrong ServoExtension (should be set so ECAT-Update matches servo-freq) - steady noise
* noise during opening/connecting/closing IDE resp. especially IDE-Taskmanager to PPMAC (gpascii) in combination with heavy cpu-load

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