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Large NC file execution on NON-DPRAM based PMAC2
Dear All,
We need to execute a NC file of 3MB which consist of 120k lines. We are currently downloading smaller file size programs into one of the program (OPEN PROG 1300 - for example) and CLOSE the program before executing using R command.

But this doesn't seem to working in the case of larger file size programs. So Kindly let me know what is the possible file size/no.of lines that can be executed in one single motion program. Also i see that PMAC has 256 motion programs, so in this case will it be possible to divide the NC lines in multiple motion programs and execute them in sequence (PROG 1300, 1301,1302,1303,... etc.). If this can work, how to go about this method? Else is there any other method?

Thank you all in advance.

Please describe how this is not working.

Are you getting a download error? Or something else?

If you are getting out of memory errors then you may need to use a rotary buffer to "feed" the program to PMAC. Separate programs will still have an issue with memory.
Dear Steve,
Nice to see your reply. Yes we have our GUI crashing once we start with the uploading process. But no error message or so. Sometimes the error message is based on the BORLANDMM.dll failure. Looks like it is the Borland Memory Management issue. Anyways will try a few more methods and keep you updated on the status. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions, do let me know.

In addition, attached is the screenshot of the error while trying to LIST the program 1313. The size mentioned in the program is 12555. Not sure of how many lines of NC code is uploaded to the program. So it looks like the motion program is unable to take up the file size.

Is there a maximum size each motion program is designated with?

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A motion program can be any size up to the memory limit of your PMAC type. If the communication is USB or Ethernet, you can view available memory under the “PMAC Resources” menu: “View User Program Memory”. The on-line “size” command will also report the amount of unused memory.

Use the PMAC Rotary Buffer feature to run programs larger than available PMAC memory. Your “GUI” interface will need to support this feature. This is documented in the “Turbo PMAC User Manual” in the section “Rotary Motion Program Buffers” starting on page 337 (353 electronic).

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