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Writing to Phase B DAC Output
I have a CK3M and would like to know how I can write directly to the Phase B output. I would like to use this output as a general purpose analog output. On the 15 pin connector, it is labeled Analog Output B+.
Before you write to the Gate3[i].Chan[j].Pwm[1] register
You should check these setting
1. Gate3[i].Chan[j].OutputMode should be 3 or 7
2. Gate3[i].Chan[j].PackOutData should be 0
3. The value you write to Gate3[i].Chan[j].Pwm[1] shoule be multiply by 65536
Because the effective output value is high 16bits.
The valid range of this value before multiplying by 65536 is +-32767, which
represents the output voltage of +-10V
The suggested settings worked for me.
This works for True DAC models (1515).
DACB+ in pin 2
AGND is pin 3
You can shift the value left 16 bits instead of multiplying if you prefer.

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