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ECATMap auto-generation bug(?) for IOBuffer defines
I am no wizard in C or delta tau language in general, but I included the ECATMap.h file in my bgcplc that had some nifty pshm pointers that I wanted to use. I had issues when trying to use the unique #defines concerning IOBuffer's, and I kept getting compile errors stating:

expected ';' before 'pshm'

looking at my ECATMap.h file:
#define Slave_1003_EL1252_1003_1D09_16_SysTime (x) pshm->ECAT[0].IOBuffer[32 + x]

removing the space before a '(x)' fixed my compile error
#define Slave_1003_EL1252_1003_1D09_16_SysTime(x) pshm->ECAT[0].IOBuffer[32 + x]

Is this an auto-generation bug? This is similarly occuring in the ECATMap.pmh file as well.
What is the IDE version?
PowerPMAC Version
So, is this something I am setting up incorrectly (wrong checkbox or other), or is it a bug?

I am doing some development work, and whenever I change the bus configuration I have to go in and manually fix all of these 'errors' in the auto-generated ecatconfig files so my project can compile correctly.
It may be a setting in the devices ESI file. Can you send the ESI file to support for review?

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