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CK3E crashed
I am having an issue with CK3E crashed,The crash occurred after I downloaded the program,The firmware version of this newly arrived controller is,However, this program works fine on the firmware version controller.Any help on why this is happening would be appreciated.
Connect the PC’s serial port to Power PMAC’s RS-232 serial port (or uUSB “Diag.” port). Start a terminal utility program, such as HyperTerminal, or PuTTY, telling it to use the connected COM port.

The settings for Power PMAC’s serial port are:
115,200 baud
8 data bits, 1 stop bit
No parity
No handshake, no XON/XOFF flow control

Please capture the response on the diagnostics serial port during the download process. This may provide diagnostic information about the “crash”.

Also, capture the response during the next boot.

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