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Failed to map power pmac variables
I have a project that I build using the Power PMAC that is in full production now. I have been using two computers to make changes to the program normally twice a day at the scheduled downtime periods. My common practice is to issue a save command from the terminal and then download the most current program to either my office computer or my laptop depending on my location. I then make changes and Build and Download the solution back to the PMAC. Test the added or changed functionality and then issue the save command.

This works 95% of the time. On occasion I have downloaded the program made changes and then when I go to to Build and Download the first time I get failed to map power pmac variables. If I close the application, relaunch and redownload this seems to resolve the issue. The only problem is I lose the changes that I made so I have to either rewrite them or go copy and paste them from the failed project.

Just wondering if there is something I'm missing that creates that error?

Before closing the IDE you can save your work to the project file on your computer. Either go to "File -> Save All" or use the shortcut "CTRL+SHIFT+S". This will remove the asterisk by the file name (on the table title within the editor) that indicates unsaved changes.

I'm not sure what version of the IDE, firmware or form factor you are using, but I know there is a known bug that can cause that message in error. If you try to download again without closing the program, does it work normally?
I'm using IDE with a UMAC PowerPC,460EX with Firmware

I hardly ever get this error so I'm not too worried about it I just wondered if it was something I was doing that caused it.

It was just frustrating on the day I posted this because I had about 5 minutes left to upload and test my changes before production resumed and it gave me the error so I just opted to leave the changes out for that production cycle and make them at the next maintenance cycle and they worked fine. I haven't had it happen since.

I've found that the IDE sometimes seems to throw this error but if I just immediately redo a second 'Build & Download' or just 'Download' it will often work the second time around.

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