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Using USB-RS232 on CK3M
We've been using RS232 via USB on the PowerBrick as explained in the application note. Can we also do this with the Ck3M? I just SSHed in and /dev/ttyUSB0 does not exist. Is there any way to do RS232?
If you connect a Micro-USB cable from your computer to the port on the front on the CK3M and find the COM number, PMAC can be accessed the same as it was through RS 232. The port on the back is for accessing the CK3M's storage.
Sorry, I mean I want to plug a USB-Serial converter into the CK3M's USB port and communicate via serial as in
Update: I was able to find a debian package that makes the USB-to-serial converter work. Thanks.
Hello maxvoxel8,
could you please provide some information regarding this debian package for USB-to-serial converters. I am currenty facing the same issue.
Best regards,
I am not sure what package is needed, but once found I would recommend downloading it. The packages we need tend to go obsolete over time.
This was the package given to me by our systems integrator.

I had to rename it to .txt to get the forum to allow me to post it but it's a .deb file.

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.txt   debian.usb2serialARM-CK3E.txt (Size: 30.26 KB / Downloads: 25)
It is working with this package. Thank you very much.

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