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IDE 4.4.x missing Setup Variables function
I understand the new compare function that is suppose to replace this function from older releases of the IDE, but the compare function does not have gate settings in it. Please consider bringing the older Delta Tau|Configure|Setup Variables function. The speed with which we could access almost all variables has not been matched with the newer function.
Hi Jeff,
I will be adding the gates.
(09-17-2020, 02:10 PM)agovande Wrote: Hi Jeff,
I will be adding the gates.

That is great!
Another item: If a motor gets accidentally deleted from the position watch, there is no way of adding it back in. The only recourse is to delete the whole window and start over. I need that and would love to be able to store position window settings for later recall. This would allow me to have both inch and metric setups for position.
You can manually add the motor back in. Just click the gear in the top right of the position window and type the desired motors into the box.

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Hi, just would like to know what the systemsetup.cfg under Configuration Folder is for, and when does IDE generate systemsetup.cfg and contain those variables? I have looked up IDE manual and 5-day training, there's no any information about this systemsetup.cfg file.
SystemSetup.cfg is generated/updated on download. It contains settings from the Setup Wizard under the System folder that are downloaded with the project.

You may wish to disable it if you are using manual setup instead of that wizard.
To do so:
Right click on project and select properties.
Set "Download systemsetup.cfg File" to no.

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